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Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplantation in Pakistan is a popular hair loss treatment procedure. Baldness is a common social problem in all cultures. Pattern baldness affects male as well as female patients. People seek advice from hair specialist doctor to inquire about hair loss surgery procedure, hair loss remedies available in Pakistan. Hair pieces, wigs and non surgical hair replacement systems were used in the past but with continuous research, hair transplantation in Pakistan as well as all over the world is a best solution for baldness.It is a permanent solution and best option to cure baldness. Hairzone removes the follicles from donor area under local anaesthesia and his expert team dissect them under microscope, make tiny follicles individually, containing 1,2,3 hairs. These follicular units are then implanted to the recipient area. Transplanted hair grows after 2.5 months. After hair implant procedure, regrowth of hair is visible and result is forever and longer lasting.
Hair transplantation in Lahore performed personally by Hairzone and each and every step is performed under his supervision. Hairzone clinic Lahore maintains its uniqueness with fully dense frontal hairline and naturally growing, undetectable results. Our hair restoration clinic in Lahore corrects previous bad hair restoration scars from other clinics or poor results from different hair doctors. Hairzone is producing best hair transplant result in Pakistan. For hair restoration booking or you have hair loss questions fill our appointment Form and get reply in 24 hours.