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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-invasive hair solution

The major advantage of non-surgical hair replacement is that it is non-invasive. Hair transplant methods have the potential for surgical complications including the risk of infections, scarring, and anesthetic dangers: all of which are not an issue for hair systems. Being a non-operative method, a hair replacement system saves you from any pain and other such risks.

Zero side effects

If we made a list of non-surgical hair replacement side effects, it would almost be completely blank! Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it is not prone to any medical side effects. Apart from the chance of a very rare allergic reaction from the use of low-quality adhesive, there is a zero risk of any other medical problem. Having close to zero side effects is a major pro of non-surgical hair replacement.

Instant results

Another major advantage of non-surgical hair replacement systems is that they bear instant results. Unlike surgical hair transplants or medication, you don’t need to wait up to six to seven months to get visible results. The application process is quick and simple and yields fast results without any wait.