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The Hairzone in Asia for No Touch Auto Inject technology for “Follicular Unit Hair Transplant” ,an unique methodology for Baldness Cure. Individual hair follicies are transplanted regularly at Hairzone clinic in scalp, moustache, beard & eyebrows, making it among top 5 hair transplant clinics the world over. It’s not just a surgery, it’s an art.

An avid researcher and recognized innovator, Hairzone has produced: new surgical instrumentation and hair transplant procedure protocols for the hair transplantation field – the cutting edge of hair transplantation today (multiple patent applications on new instrumentation developed by Hairzone already filed to date). Hairzone maintains a well stocked research and development laboratory on premises, where may be found working on ways to improve the field of Hair Transplantation as well as the lives and well being of his patients.

An accomplished inventor and patent holder, Hairzone entered the field of Hair Transplantation shortly after receiving his medical credentials from the best Medical College of the region ,KING EDWARD MEDICAL COLLEGE. With literally thousands of patients and over Lakhs of grafts transplanted, Hairzone doctors in the Asia who can claim exceptional expertise in the dynamic world of Hair Transplantation.



Ultra Slit Hair Transplant – also known as ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation – is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques. It is the only permanent procedure to ensure the recovery of hair. When experts perform this procedure properly, they can create natural results that are almost undetectable even to hair stylists. The method can restore hair to the eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp and other areas and can also grow hair in scar tissue. Find out more about some of the main benefits of Ultra Slit Hair Transplant in Lahore